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The Chelaship

by Anunnaki



The frequency of 108 is the hidden pulse, or rhythm that is the essence of the living mathematics of Nature, it is the reason why the Vedas worshipped this number by incorporating it into their 108 rosary beads (mala) when they chant their mantras. The most revered of all mantras is the Gayatri Mantra, the most famous Eastern song or Prayer of Enlightenment which is always chanted 108 times, also has a rhythm of 24 syllables! What else embodies mathematically these two numbers 24 and 108. It can only be the Reduced Fibonacci Sequence. Thus in a sense, the Brahmins sonically encrypted or hid this rare sacred knowledge of the Universe’s underlying Patterns of Sri 108 in a song or prayer about the Triple Worlds and an Inner Sun (Savitri). The Vedas teach that this knowledge was written on the Rays of the Sun.


released March 9, 2017

Arlen Thompson: Drums, microbrute, modular synthesizer
Dave Read: Fender Bass VI, Super Space Drum, effects


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Anunnaki Nanaimo, British Columbia

Imagine a cross between Motorhead’s Lemmy & Philthy Animal and Kraftwerk’s Ralf & Florian, together channeling the kozmik vision of Alice Coltrane through Sunn O)))’s amplifiers, and with influences varying from Klaus Schulze to Acid Mothers Temple, from New Age to Black Metal, Madame Blavatsky to Thich Nhat Hanh, and you’ll start to get the idea of what Anunnaki is all about. ... more

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